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Weather in Istanbul

İstanbul has a mild climate combining those of the Mediterranean and Black Sea climate types, with a hot dry summer and pleasantly warm spring and autumn. Winters are cold but snow is rare. İstanbul is a city where all four seasons can be experienced.

Winter, from December to February, is quite cold: the average temperature between December to February is around 10-12 °C/50-53.5°F during the daytime and around 5-7 °C/41-44.5°F during the nighttime.

During winters you can experience rain in İstanbul whereas snow is usually seen once or twice in a year.

Spring: The average temperature between March to May is around 18-21°C /64.5-70°F during the daytime and around 11-13 °C/52-55.5°F during the nighttime hours.

Summer, from June to August, is hot and sunny. The heat is felt especially within the city, while a relieving breeze blows from the sea. The average temperature between June and August is around 23-25°C/73-77°F during the daytime and around 18-20 °C / 64.5-68°F during the nighttime.

Autumn, from September to November, is warm and often sunny. İstanbul also experiences rain in November. The average temperature between September and November is around 20-23 °C/ 68-73.5°F during the daytime and around 15-18 °C / 59-64.5°F during the nighttime.

İstanbul is a year-round destination offering diverse activity options for each of the four seasons.