Istanbul Why Istanbul

Why Istanbul

It is İstanbul’s endless variety in a combination of modern and traditional that fascinates its visitors.

One can observe the vibrant daily life in a setting of ancient history and natural beauty. Türkiye’s largest metropolis brings two continents, Europe and Asia together across the Bosphorus Strait. Remnants of past empires of Eastern Roman Empire and the Ottoman gives the city a historic charm. Rich culinary heritage of the city offers top-notch restaurants, recipies from the Palace kitchens and tasty street food.

  • Türkiye’s largest city with a population of more than 17 million people.
  • A dynamic, multicultural transcontinental metropolis.
  • Exquisite scenery. 
  • Junction of various cultures.
  • Offers a perfect mixture of exotic and modern. 
  • Impressive cultural and artistic scene. 
  • A shopper’s paradise, catering to all kinds of shoppers.
  • Perfect spot to explore the diversity of Turkish cuisine.
  • Amazing variety of activity options.